Clum Eleon

Scheduled Writing Time

I am pleased to say that, when I drew up my revision timetable for this week, I included lots of writing time.

I have started working on a story for Lush’s latest competition—Sexy Cam Fun—even though I said I wouldn’t. Writing from a female perspective should be interesting.

Also hoping to nail down some solid plans for the non-fiction project I’ll be working on over the summer.

The Adventures of Alfie the Shoe Monster

I just got permission from a friend of mine to write a series of children’s stories based on her and her dog, Alfie. He’s a yellow lab pup and she’s been telling me all about the mischief he gets up to. 

I suggested it would make for good writing but she doesn’t have the time. After a discussion, she said I could give it a go if I fancied. I do fancy. Probably kick this off after exams and once my current two stories are done.

Writing Goals Update

In my last post I set myself three writing goals. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

I got my dissertation in a day early (I kind of needed to). Quite pleased with the end product. Hope the assessor is equally pleased with it.

Wrote a damn good activity report for the study day, if I do say so myself. Confining yourself to five minutes, including a poem, is no easy task. It seemed to be rather well-received. Got a few laughs from the audience which is always a good sign.

No progress with the Lydia story. Major block. With exams looming, I may find procrastination time to get stuck into it. June is definitely going to be the month of writing… maybe.

Writing Goals

I used to do this, then I got lazy. Still am lazy but perhaps more disciplined.  Let’s see…

  • By Friday, I need to completely finish my dissertation. That doesn’t involved much more writing, just referencing and editing.
  • By Saturday, I need to have written an activity report about the student division in Scotland for the study day in Taplow. I’ve got the floor for ten minutes.
  • By Sunday, I want to have finished Foul Play, the first bonus story for The Rule Book.

After that, I’m into revision period and I should really be concentrating on maths for a while. Writing will likely be good procrastination in the run-up to my exams.

The Rule Book

I want to release PBTR as an e-Book with Lush Publishing. However, since it (or a version of it) is up on Lush already, I wanted to give a little added incentive.

At first I thought I would include a little “bonus story”, just to sweeten the deal. I had a good idea of what that would be—a “spin-off” centred around Lydia—and got to work.

As is the case with a lot of my idea of late, it grew arms and legs. I thought of other satellite stories I could write; some fresh, unseen stories that would hopefully entice readers in. I figured people want more bang for their buck (pun intended).

Now the plan is to release PBTR along with three or four additional, related, shorter stories, packaged as ‘The Rule Book’. Titles I have in mind are

  • Foul Play;
  • Three To One Odds;
  • Game-Changer.

I’m still trying to think of a good title for my fourth idea, which I have recently been thinking of doing as a poem. 

Now just to do the writing…

Humour Competition Results

Lush Stories announced the winners of their latest competition today. I wasn’t one of them.

However, I did nab 5th place which ain’t too shabby. It was actually a poem that took the top spot for a change. Top Ten listed here.

Now I can get to work on the pieces I’m writing for my Playing By The Rules e-Book. I want to include the full version of PBTR plus 3 or 4 supplementary stories, spin-offs, if you will.